Build location tracking features,
not infrastructure
We reduce the complexity of building and operating location tracking infrastructure to a few easy APIs that just work
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Plug our SDK into your driver app
Our lightweight open-source SDK beams up battery optimized location streams that work across devices and network conditions
Tell our API what you want to track
Based on your use case, call our dead simple APIs to track trips with tasks along the way. None of the hassle, all of the control.
Beautiful tracking experiences
For your business
Thoughtful, delightful and action oriented dashboards to stay on top of your business. On your desktop and mobile.
For your customers
A superior tracking experience that is one with your product experience. Available in-app and through the web. Try out out the tracking experience with our demo app, SendETA.
What can you build?
Here are some location tracking features that developers have built using HyperTrack.
Metering Costs
Meter the distance and time of drivers. Learn More
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Delay Alerts
Get granular real-time alerts when drivers are delayed on the way. Learn More
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Customer Experience
Add live order tracking within your product experience. Learn More
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Smart assignments
Make smart assignments to nearest available drivers. Learn More
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Integrated dashboard
Integrate tracking views into your dashboards. Learn More
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Request ETA
Request app users to let you track them on the way to your location. Learn More
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Accurate ETAs
Get accurate ETAs of the next n tasks in a trip. Learn More
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Audit incidents
Audit routes and times of tasks performed by drivers. Learn More
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What will you build?
We are excited to see how you use location tracking in your product
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