What is HyperTrack?

Tracking as a service

Who is it for?

Developers who want to build products with continuous tracking

How does it work?

Plug our lightweight SDK into the smartphone app of the user (driver) you wish to track. Integrate with our APIs to track tasks, trips or shifts. Track your first user within minutes.

What use cases have developers built so far?

Read what our users have to say about HyperTrack. We would love to support your use case and have you share your story with the community.

What do you mean by tracking?

When people and things are on the move, they are on their way to get somewhere. Our service powers continuous tracking until they get there.

Smartphone gives me location. Why do I need HyperTrack?

Smartphone gives point-in-time location to apps with user’s permission. Based on their use case, developers have to create battery and data efficient location streams, work with OS-specific features across device platforms and apply real-time filters to the streams to eliminate noise. They must then use a variety of maps APIs to get accurate addresses, transit ETAs, trip statuses and visualize the points and routes on the map. HyperTrack reduces all this to one API call thus making it cheaper, better and faster to implement location tracking in your product. You can focus on building applications that are core to your business and not worry about infrastructure software for smartphone-based location tracking.

This would save me one-time cost to build tracking. Won’t it make sense for me to build it in-house as my business scales?

When you deploy any location tracking system across users (drivers and customers), you will run into a variety of real-world issues around data & GPS network outages, device & OS idiosyncrasies and location & route data inaccuracies. You will incur costs to use maps APIs and servers (storage, compute and network), build additional tracking-specific features that you had not imagined earlier, and develop machine learning on past data to get smarter. All of that comes at a cost. HyperTrack does all that across a wide data set so you don’t have to. It would be cheaper, better and faster to operate (not just build) location tracking in your product using HyperTrack.

Do you have competitors?

No. Developers looking to implement location tracking in their products are left with having to build it on their own. This is expensive, time consuming and painful.

There are delivery management solutions (products and services) that build end-to-end enterprise workflows for the needs of logistics fleets of various shapes and sizes. HyperTrack does not compete with these applications. We work best with developers (and companies) who wish to build their own solution rather than adopt a 3rd party solution. We offer location tracking infrastructure through easy-to-use primitives serviced through web service APIs.

How am I able to track my Uber or my friend using Waze?

Leading ridesharing and maps apps have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build a great tracking experience. However, the service remains limited to their products. HyperTrack is offering tracking as a service for developers to implement location tracking in their products.

My drivers perform multiple pickups/deliveries in a trip. How can I track them using HyperTrack?

You can create trips with multiple tasks. Read more here.

Do you provide real-time statuses when a task is running late?

Webhooks are available for status of trips and tasks, like leaving now, on the way, arriving, etc. These statuses are helpful especially in case of unexpected delays or blackouts - due to unscheduled stops, straying from path, traffic, unavailable network, out of battery, etc.

How do I monitor my workforce using HyperTrack?

HyperTrack provides beautiful web and mobile dashboards to monitor on-time performance and meter distance/time of drivers and fleets.The more information you give to the APIs, the more you get from the dashboard. Experience the live demo of HyperTrack’s dashboard to get a feel.

How do I provide a great tracking experience to my customers using HyperTrack?

We have web, iOS and Android SDKs that lets your users and customers track their orders within your product experience. Get our demo app SendETA to get a first hand experience of live tracking using HyperTrack.

Does HyperTrack store the tracking data?

Yes. All data is stored on HyperTrack servers and serviced through a variety of APIs including replays and analytics. These are the same APIs that power the HyperTrack dashboard.

Use these APIs to build reports and features into your own dashboards and workflows.

How do I prevent misuse of my data?

We will not share your data with anyone. You own the channels to communicate with your users and we will never reach out directly to your users in any way.

If you do not need the features and functionality involving identity and contact information, you do not need to use those fields as they are optional. Please see our privacy policy for more.

I don’t have my own driver app yet. Is there a way to get started with HyperTrack right away?

Yes, you can start with HyperTrack with SendETA. We highly recommend that you invest in building your own driver app to manage your workflow. The source code of SendETA is available for free if you choose to use that as a base and build on top.

How do I get started?

Sign up for free and start your integration. We look forward to serving you.