Filtered locations. Get filtered GPS signals using our proprietary algorithms for precise location tracking.
Real time polylines. Allow your customers to see the exact polylines of your drivers, in real-time.
Smooth animation. Ensure your end-customers get the best tracking experience with dynamic zoom levels.
Integrated experience. Use our SDKs to get a tracking experience on Android, iOS, web and mobile-web.
Accurate ETAs. Ensure that your customers always have the exact ETA for when their bell will ring.
Multiple vehicle types. Get ETAs customized to two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers.
Granular statuses. Provide accurate updates to your customers when their order is out and about.
Notifications. Get smart alerts that you can use to send notifications to your customers.
Order summary. Provide a summary of the trip, with polylines, start and end times, distance traveled, and trip duration.
Driver name & photo. Help relieve anxiety of your customers by letting them see details of the driver.
Customizable tracking UX. Deliver a tracking experience that fits perfectly within your app experience.
Control when & what to show. Optionally hide ETAs, driver location or polylines if the customer is not next in queue.
Viral marketing banner. Add links to your Android and iOS apps in the tracking experience to accelerate your app downloads.
Request customer locations. Allow customers to mark their exact lat-longs in an easy and intuitive way for a faster delivery.
Anonymous calling. Allow your customers and drivers to connect seamlessly, without sharing private phone numbers.
. . .
Live trips. Keep track of live trips, and see the status of each of the tasks.
Past trips. Store every mile of travel. Replay past trips to audit exact time & locations of any of your driver, task or trip
Idle tracking. See where your drivers are at any moment even when they aren’t on a live trip.
Metering. Meter the distance/time of your trips, drivers and fleets to compute cost.
On-time performance. Track daily/weekly/monthly on-time performance of your overall service and each of your drivers.
Customer satisfaction. Keep track of on-time deliveries for each of your customers.
Granular statuses. Get detailed statuses of your drivers as they check-out and check-in.
Alerts. Get smart and actionable real time alerts on the dashboard.
Heatmaps. Analyze opportunities from heatmaps of your customers and drivers.
Multiple tasks per trip. Easily add multiple pick-ups and drop-offs in a single trip even while trip is in progress.
ETAs for multiple tasks. Get accurate ETAs for each task in a given trip, dynamically computing check-in, check-out and stop times for each task.
Battery and data usage. Monitor and minimize usage of battery and data for your driver’s mobile device.
Neighborhoods. Auto-organize your customers into neighborhoods for business analysis.
Fleet. Organize drivers into fleets, and compare on-time performance and meter distance/time.
Hubs. Designate your warehouses as hubs to compare delivery efficiency across hubs.
Data security and privacy. Protect your data and privacy of your customers with industry-standard encryption and privacy policies.
Mobile and web dashboard. Access dashboard the way you like, on the go or at your computer.
Raw & processed data via API. Extend your own dashboard with location & tracking data.
. . .
Few hours to integrate. Complete the integration with our RESTful APIs in less than a day.
Documentation & Tutorials. Easy to follow documentation with step-by-step guide on how to integrate with our API.
Libraries. Helper client libraries to reduce the amount of code you need to write and make your code more robust.
Driver SDKs. Available for Android (API Level 14 and up) and iOS (8.0 and up).
Consumer SDKs. Available for Android (API Level 14 and up), iOS (8.0 and up), web and mobile-web.
Simple onboarding. Plugs into the existing workflow of your drivers with no new training required.
Scalable. Track unlimited number of tasks with the same reliability and no additional effort.
API Status. Get instant uptime information for all HyperTrack services.
Live chat support. Talk to a HyperTrack engineer to review your integration or to get any other technical support.
. . .