Replay routes of trips and tasks
with event annotations
Our users say
Pharmacy delivery
It is a regulatory requirement to be able to audit trips when handling prescription drugs and test samples. The replay trip feature feels like a video recording of what happened. It's like I'm there.
Marketing visits
We needed a way to monitor the routes and neighborhoods that our team covered during the activity. HyperTrack records everything we need to know.
Customer service
The ability to go back in time and see what happened let us resolve some really tricky escalations. The trip replay feature in the dashboard is a life saver.
Trip replay
Replay past trips to audit actual time & location of your drivers, tasks and trips
Event logs
Trip replays are annotated with granular events that took place on the way
Secure & private
Protect the data and privacy of your customers with industry-standard encryption and privacy policies
How it works
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